Ushers, Nurses & Greeters

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The purpose and function of the Ushers’ Ministry is to meet, greet and seat those attending the worship service with a loving smile as they enter the sanctuary. The Ushers' Ministry is an extension of God’s hands to people. The Ministry of Ushering is a personal representation of Jesus Christ, we meet people on a person-to-person basis when they first arrive at the church. Ushers serve as servants, disciplinarians, hosts/hostesses of Galilee.

The Ushers alternate Sunday's for active duty:

  • Senior Ushers - 1st & 3rd Sundays
  • Junior Ushers - 2nd & 4th Sundays

    The nurse-aides serve the church each Sunday. This ministry supplies a minimum of 3 nurse-aides on duty for each service. The duties of the nurse-aides are to assist the congregation in the event of a medical emergency. In the event that an emergency occurs, the nurse-aides will offer non-medical assistance, if it is determined that medical attention is required, the nurse-aides will assist until medical professionals arrive.


    The purpose of the Greeters' Ministry is to invite people into the church and to create a warm and friendly atmosphere before visitors or members enter the house of worship. The ministry will also help to acquaint visitors with the pastor, auxiliary ministries of the church, and with its facilities. The ministry is to welcome and greet visitors making them feel comfortable and loved in the house of the Lord.