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Dr. Carvis Junious - church Business administrator

Dr. Carvis Junious, a native of Houston, Texas grew up in Acres Homes (an inner city community) in a very modest household along with four siblings and nurturing parents. Carvis attended schools in the Aldine Independent School District. Immediately after graduating high school, Carvis was instantly drawn into corporate america. While matriculating through the inner and outer workings of global logistics, Carvis quickly realized and seized the opportunity to form and establish his very own company, A-1 Air Cargo, Inc., a major name in the intercontinental freight forwarding industry. A-1 Air Cargo, Inc., creates efficient and flexible supply chains for its customers, offering services in air freight, ocean freight, and ground transportation logistics.

After years in corporate america and working with individuals in the private sector, Dr. Carvis Junious realized the need to educate people, particularly those in the middle and lower class of society, the importance of budget and estate planning; so he formed Life Precise Consulting, L.L.C., a tenured group of legal, accounting, technology, financial management, and personal business strategy professionals, whose company mission statement is “the essentials you need today…to protect your tomorrow”. Their primary focus is to assist individuals in organizing and preparing their life essentials in the event of their incapacity or death.

When asked, what or who does he contribute his success to, he quickly replied “my love for Jesus Christ. I can look over my life and career and see both seasons of success as well as struggles and pitfalls,” says Carvis, “God has allowed it all. It’s all done with the purpose of the Lord drawing you closer to Him, getting you closer to where He wants you to be. And it can be painful sometimes until you reach the point where you can see it’s all been for a purpose, and that’s a true moment of awakening and rebirth.” Although Dr. Carvis Junious’s professional achievements are significant, he derives his greatest pleasure from his role as a mentor and spiritual leader.

Carvis is active in his community, he seeks to make life better for all around him. God blesses all of us with one gift, but Dr. Carvis Junious has been blessed with many gifts. He is a graduate of the Art Institute of Houston receiving a bachelor of fine arts degree.

Next, Carvis went on to earn a Masters of Business Administration degree from Sam Houston State University and lastly,

a Doctor of Education degree from Texas Tech University.

Prior to joining the staff at Galilee Missionary Baptist Church, Carvis served as our percussionist. Carvis has been a dedicated member since 1994. Because of his maturity, keen discernment and loyalty, Carvis was appointed by Rev. Dr. Edwin A. Davis to be our Church Business Administrator as well as a trustee. His departments include: Information systems, accounting, human resources, and payroll.

Brenda McKinney - Church Secretary

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Sunday: 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Phone: 713.697.4305